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Deadwater, A Gina Lindsey Mystery Released!


A gunshot shatters the quiet sunshine. Something brushes my hair.

I drop to the sand like I’d been hit and flatten myself behind a log. The roar of the discharge echoes across the river, and a crow explodes into flight with a cry of indignation. My heart thuds heavily in my ears. That bullet was meant for me.

Is Chance target practicing? Is he trying to scare me? No. He wouldn’t do that. He’s up here somewhere – I don’t know where, but he’d never play around with guns that way.

The only other scenario is one I don’t want to contemplate. Someone is trying to kill me.


A quiet walk along the sunny banks of the Columbia River turns into a nightmare for Gina Lindsey.

As she and Chance Marshal tackle the mystery of the men who kill ruthlessly, Gina uncovers an evil organization that has tentacles deep into the heart and soul of her beloved NE Washington home. It reaches to the north, for while on duty one night as a border guard, Chance Marshal experiences it first-hand in a brutal attack on his partner. But the terror has only begun.

Outnumbered and overpowered, Gina and Chance realize they are in over their heads.

Will Gina be able to help a young girl named Sanora escape her private hell? Will Chance be able to protect the girl he loves? Or will they all end up at the bottom of the pond called Deadwater? Breathless with action, with a blush of romance and a dash of humor, Deadwater, A Gina Lindsey Mystery, will keep you reading past your bedtime. Buckle your seatbelt. This is a fast ride!

I am pleased to present the second book in the Gina Lindsey mystery series, Deadwater!



I truly pray that God will speak to you through my books.

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At a book signing/reading at the Chewelah Public Library

At a book signing/reading at the        Chewelah Public Library, Feb. 2016