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Judith sat on the bed and with heart pounding in her ears, she opened the leather packet.

There was nothing in it save a box. With trembling hand and reverent fingers, she withdrew it. It was very small. Two emeralds glittered on the lid.  She traced the design in the silver and exhaled softly. It was so like the one she’d received from her Gran Abba that she felt instinctively for the buttons to push the lid open.

It opened. There lay the scroll. A scent like jasmine or spikenard wafted from the box.

She could not breathe.  Tears slid down her cheeks. With a tentative finger, she touched the scroll, but she did not open it. She wished Adrian had been here, but she knew he was on his own rescue mission, one that might cost him his life.

She closed the lid of the box and held it close to her chest. Oh, God! Father of my people! How I praise You for this blessing You have given me.

The fourth and final book in my series!


It is rumored that a vast treasure lies hidden beneath the city of Jerusalem.

Only one girl knows the secret of its location. Evil men, including the Assassins in their remote fortress in Northern Syria are lured to the bait. But is it a treasure, or a trap?

Come along on an incredible journey in this last book in the medieval series, Keys to the Kingdom.

You will be swept from the misty island of England across the sea to Israel and the high, holy city of Jerusalem. In this tale of epic proportions, you will find lost causes, evil rulers, tender love, and desperate escapes. Follow the light. Discover the secret. Find the treasure.


I truly pray that God will speak to you through my books.

Feel free to look around and let me know if you have any questions.


Finished! Dressed in my medieval dress and hat and ready for anything with my sword, here I sit and rejoice!

Virginia Ann Work