About Virginia

My personal mission statement is to provide clean, well-written Christian fiction for you, my readers, and to be a help and encouragement for other writers. My two genres are Christian medieval fiction and mysteries for all ages. I have also written a devotional book with Chris Boelter that will be released soon, “A Fear Not for Every Day”. This book is on the FEAR OF THE LORD, contrasted with the wrong kind of fear which can paralyze and poison your life. We have written 365 devotionals, going through the entire Bible on this theme, and I  guarantee that it is worth your money to read this book! Watch for its release soon!

Virginia at a book signing

Virginia at a book signing for her medieval Christian fiction series. She is an author, pastor’s wife, a Mom and Grandma. She has been writing for over 30 years and received her formal education at Multnomah Bible College.

How did I get started writing? After graduating from Multnomah Bible College, I married Dan Work and we began our missionary career to the Indian people in British Columbia, Canada. I was too busy with two small children and a full-time occupation with ministry to write, yet in 1976, I had a dream about a young teen who rode horses and got involved in a mystery. This was the beginning of my series, The Jodi Mysteries, set in Canada.

I wrote and published five books in this series for Moody Press from 1981-1987. These books sold extremely well and were very popular, but sadly Moody decided to end the series. Just recently I rewrote and updated three of the books in the series, Jodi: The Mystery of the Missing Message and Jodi: The Secret in the Silver Box, and Jodi: The Curse of the Broken Feather. These books are once again popular and well liked with their readers. If you have a young adult in your home, they might like these books. I am re-writing and publishing the next two books in the series, as well.

During our time as missionaries with the Canadian Sunday School Union in Lillooet, BC, I wrote a series of four devotional books for young adults. These were on the Bible books of Psalms (2), Proverbs, and I John. They were used a Bible camps across Canada for about twenty years.

Almost nine years ago, I went with my husband on a trip to Israel. There I saw a Crusader castle on the lower hills of Mt. Hermon in northern Israel. This sight sparked an idea of a knight, a woman, and a Roman Catholic monk. Over the next seven years, I wrote and researched and rewrote. I studied medieval history, then rewrote some more. The final product of love was the novel Sirocco Wind from the East, which will become the Keys to the Kingdom series. The second book in the series is Mistral Wind from The North. It was published through Xlibris Publishers and was released in the spring of 2010. I have since rewritten it, given it a new cover, and released it through Create Space (Amazon). I have written and published the third book in the series,  Zephyr Wind from the West, which I feel is the best so far. Check it out this series and their new covers on my Books page!

A “chance” meeting with a writer from Iowa during a writer’s conference at Wheaton College in Illinois, launched me on writing a contemporary mystery about a 20-something DEA agent from Spokane, Washington. I finished writing this book in 2012, Deadlocked, A Gina Lindsey Mystery, for adults that takes place in eastern Montana. This novel is a fun read with lots of action, a dash of romance, a western flair, and suspense.  Caution: people have told me they don’t get their work done while reading it! I am now writing a second book in the Gina Lindsey Mystery series. This one is called Deadwater, and I hope to have this published by Christmas, 2014.

My daughter, Vicki Lucas, www.vickivlucas.com, and I enjoy our editing business, doing consultations and copy editing for writers. See our web page, www.edit4excellence.com for prices, information and how to submit.

My husband and I live in Chewelah, WA, where Dan is pastor of the Evangelical Free Church. We love the beautiful scenery and the people. My heart’s desire is to encourage, uplift, and bring insight to ministry, to encourage new writers, and to promote clean, well-written Christian fiction. Please read my blogs and write back!

“I know the plans that I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon Me and … I will be found by you.” Jer. 29:11-14 NIV