The Mystery of the Missing Message

The Mystery of the Missing Message
Series: Jodi Mystery Series, Book 1
Genres: Christian, Fiction, Mystery, Young Adult
ASIN: 0802444164
ISBN: 9780802444165
Jodi Fischer and her friend, Lexie Marshal, can't stay out of trouble. It all begins when they ride their horses into the woods and find a lost wallet, a deserted cabin, and a mysterious not tucked into a baby's blue sock. Join Jodi and Lexie as they try to unravel the clues and save a baby's life. Will Jodi discover the answer in time? Will she learn to trust God instead of living in fear? Adventure and danger are on every page of this book. You won't be able to put it down!
About the Book

Jodi Fischer and her best friend Lexie Marshal get entangled in a puzzling and dangerous mystery when they find a lost wallet and a knitted baby’s sock. On a ride on their horses in the woods near their homes in British Columbia, Canada, they come across a deserted log cabin. But is it deserted? If it is, why did they hear a board squeak like someone stepped on it?

They fight against time to save a baby’s life, yet they cannot make progress in understanding the mysterious note someone knitted right into the baby’s sock. Threatening phone calls, an encounter with the town bully, and lost horses all add up to danger.

Jodi must face her biggest fears as she and Lexie unravel the strange events surrounding the kidnapping of a child from Vancouver. Could this baby be held by kidnappers? How can they save the child’s life? Why are the police so interested? And why is there a light in the loft of the Marshal’s big barn?

Fasten your seat belts for a fast and fun ride as you read this book. Jodi not only is challenged to solve the mystery, but also to look deeper inside herself for faith in God instead of fear. You will find the answer to your own fears in the pages of this book.

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