A gunshot shatters the quiet sunshine. Something brushes my hair. I drop to the sand like I’d been hit and flatten myself behind a log. The roar of the discharge echoes across the river, and a crow explodes into flight with a cry of indignation. My heart thuds heavily in my ears. That bullet was meant for me.DeadwaterEbookFinalFinal

So begins my new mystery novel, Deadwater, A Gina Lindsey Mystery, set in Stevens County, Washington. This mystery will keep you up past your bedtime and lead you down pathways that Gina and her friend, Chance, must take to solve this puzzling mystery. These twisting and sometimes painful trails lead them straight into life-threatening danger as they attempt to bring to justice an organization that is spewing forth evil in the quiet countryside of their beloved NE Washington home.

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At a book signing/reading at the Chewelah Public Library

At a book signing/reading at the Chewelah Public Library